"Training your eye to see things differently does take time, and this process cannot be forced. The framework from the course is an excellent place to start, but a lot of it is in the student’s hands.

One of my most common instructions to a group will be to slow down, not only in the way that they walk around but also in the way they treat their gear and the people around them. Our course lasts for three days, and we spend the majority of the first and second out shooting. Many students fear they will miss a moment due to being too far, or not being somewhere fast enough.

Actual technical control over a camera is not difficult to learn. Basic functions of exposure and focus can be mastered in a matter of weeks, and for street photography, I tend to encourage shooting in either aperture priority or fully automatic so that you’re focused on the scene rather than the gear"

12 Things I Learned While Teaching Street Photography

Storie di uomini e mondi, ancora una

a man that comes from the past, history of photographer in New York with a big remembrance, images of life on street

Ostinazione che rasenta forme di satntificazione, se per santo intendiamo chi ha un distacco seeno nei confronti di ciò che uso dire “vita” nel senso comune del termine: di male in peggio.
Sia come sia sono storie di uomini (e mettiamoci pure di donne avessi visto mai: cosa, non ha importanza ma c'est trés chic) in formato abulante. Si perché come il proverbio africano: quando uno di questi va via è come se una biblioteca andasse persa per sempre

Old photographer to capture the moment


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