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AI will bring into question the very nature of photos
What is a photograph? Is a photograph a document, art or something else entirely? Do photographs have to be real, or is the word 'photos' just another way to refer to all visuals that can pass for photorealism? The word photo means 'light,' so do photons need to be involved somewhere?

These weren't very hard questions a few years ago, but in 2024, we'll be asking ourselves some version of these questions constantly.

In the wake of AI, and before that, computational photography, our understanding of what defines a 'photo' has become a mishmash of qualifiers and footnotes.

We may say that, in essence, a photo is a natural light captured and preserved as a visual representation of a moment in time. But then, what of the photos coming from our smartphones? Our phones do not capture a single moment the same way our still cameras do, but rather as a burst of images that is computationally combined into an amalgamation of no actual moment in time. Is this still a photograph? Does it matter that a smartphone has taken 16 images and combined elements of each to make one image? Does a photo always have to be truthful?...

Ps. In attesa dell'implementazione finale Blu beans Urbi et Orbi: orbi? Si comunemente noto come "cecati" nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen!
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