"One of the most viral photos of the past few days has been a side-by-side cSocial media posts of the comparison have been shared tens of thousands of times, and even certain media sites have used the images as proof that photographers are using dishonest perspective and framing to turn tiny insignificant fires into giant blazes that seem to show Paris burning.

The international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) looked into the allegations and concluded that the side-by-side debunking is fake.omparison of two photos that purports to show how photographers covering the Paris protests are misrepresenting the truth"

Ps. Nel linguaggio comune la manipolazione è diventato l'editig, quando questi è l'agire sui i livelli di contrasto saturazion eccetera, a meno che non si voglia creare un artefatto a bella posta come nei fatti di Parigi. E non è il primo caso

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