Homo photographicus (milanensis)

I agree anche o forse in ragione dei capelli bianchi, e di tante battaglie come veterano di camera oscura uso dire, che il titolo o meglio l’età una volta era privilegio, ora da spazzatura tout court, a meno che non riesci nei consumi e non ha importanza alcuna di cosa, basta che “stai” su la giostra degli acquisti viecch’ e ‘bbuon’; o fai il sempiterno viaggetto su a Milano a “comperare” un po’ di “cultura” a buon mercato prezzi modici e dal solito maistream(ing) poi come trofeo impaginato l’appendi al c...orridoio d’ingresso così che gli amici se lo “sentono”. Insomma fesso contento e pure pagante, a voler di sti signuri.

- Now, go to a show by a recent MFA grad or sit across the table from someone showing you their work at a portfolio review and things are very different. For most work there is absolutely no understanding possible without a written or verbal account of what the photographer is up to. I always have the sense that I am joining the telling of a story in the middle, trying to play catchup. Again, for most works, separate the photographs from the words and you have no ability to comprehend what is going on.This isn't always awful, as perhaps it is part of the evolution of the medium into a specialized category that leads to increased specificity and a clearer intent. But, and this is my main point, the photographs often aren't very good. It's as though photography has been sublimated to a necessary part of the total, that the words are the priority and the photographs somehow are ancillary or secondary and therefore not needing much attention. This resides perilously close to using the photographs as illustrations, really another field entirely…
…Of course, much of this is narcissism, self absorption, even making work with blinders

A Disturbing Trend

Man fotografo sin dal 1969