Paper test

Interesting things about how "unconventional" papers react colorimetrically to Canon Pixma Pro 200 dye ink.
Above all, here paper-proof, that he has never been to Wilhelm Imaging Research the notorious institute that gives lectures every other day, depending on convenience and interest, on inks, fading and longevity of the famous paper mills and printers-machine same way: but I will do without and "suggestions" danke Wilhelm, and because I wrote already the calibrated profiling probes and whatever else (for only benefit of sellers) "german hint" that not help the artisan-photo-printermake: I put all in trash-basket.
First of all, more than a test, I would say an "massacre", so much so that paper Fabriano 4 (used as a tuning fork) has been exposed to sunlight (a tons of UV rays) for days behind a glass of a balcony; temperature fluctuations during winter nights estimated between 20 °C inside house and -7 °C outside. Abnormal level of lux and thermal shock: yes, and why? First of all, to test certain official "theories" example as does the "mark of the beast or Apocalyps (excuse my huomor but true) the Digigraphie® by Epson same a classic latine quote "Cicerone pro domo sua" !
So, apart from the formulas, numerology elevated to "Science" as a Hebrew Aztec and Egyptian god or you favorite name, the all certification of "standard" is an exquisitely questionable, useless and misleading tingh. The Eternity "rag" support is pure Kimera, please I go further. Consider, again, the outdoor pollution, in homes or apartement very nice à la page: pollution dangerous that destroys human and plants and artwork no? How to say about the wall on which we hang the paper artwork? And if the "rag" always under glass (anti-UV?) or is placed on wall near any radiator, stove or even the fireplace: excuse-me which German Wilhelm will ever talk about it? And who guarantees the printer ink, always the usual Deutusche Insitute? Rubbish, pure trash.
Not enough, yet? Well, or worse, if you go to a museum, library, picture gallery or a photographic archive: where documents, parchments drawings and photographs "fine arts" are preserved (where appropriate, in black and white photo, but not all, but some works preserved under a chemical selenium toner, rather replaces silver in a metallic compound forever such as certain palladium prints which are a opposite method to silver halide printing, but remain in domain of Eternity), if not in places where the hygrometer prevails to mark ambient humidity; the thermometer for inside room temperature. ...Air cleaner apparatus This is an eternal choice. Illusion, after all, and I go back to write my "suggestions", how to possible preserve prints it hung on a house or corporate wall. Again, obsession of more people, mind you, don't ask if artwork is make brushes, canvases and paints is branded... Standard the whole thing has a trite explanation that has nothing to do with artwork or photos fine art: money (what a novelty, for these reason there all days make wars) invested to make money from subsequent re-sale (prints hung on the wall and branded, if possible, by payed prostitute critics) and so on to auction houses like Sotheby's.... We are atstart: next time we will deal with the fibrous and cystic "tissues" of "unconventional" but remeber - not to be forgotten - blasé paper mills. Stay tuned paisà!

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Ps. I don't receive money for this and other posts but is my personal bill

The long way of paper

For us artisans, photographers and printers, paper plays a dominant role because it is through it that we make sense, or rather put into practice that concept of physics known as "wave collapse" when, that is to say, from the world of personal emotions and sensations, we have to put " down on paper", be it black and white or color to translate in vision for many, or spectator according Roland Barthes. Here are some videos that give a sense of the things we are saying. Stay tuned paisà and see you next time

Paper mill
Hand made paper 1

Paper mill
Hand made paper 2

Paper mill
Washi, craftsmanship of traditional Japanese hand-made paper
Hand made paper 3

Paper mill
Women paper mill

Ps. I don't receive any compensation in money, just to show the long process that leads to the final sheet of paper on which then we photographers-printers will leave, through the inkjet printers, the mark of our thoughts emotions etc.
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