Telefoninen fotografiken uber alles

"At MWC 2017 Chinese smartphone maker OPPO showed a prototype device at its booth that featured a dual-camera setup with 5x optical zoom in a normally-sized smartphone body. The zoom lens design had been developed in cooperation with CorePhotonics and used a 90-degree angular prism to direct the light to a vertically positioned stabilized camera sensor.

The prototype never made it into a production series but now it seems OPPO is going to skip the 5x zoom entirely and make a direct jump to a device with a 10x zoom lens that is based on the same principles. The company is currently sending out media invites for the presentation of a 10x lossless zoom solution in Beijing, China, on January 16"


Ps. Viene da sorridere circa le "nuove" mirrorless di CaNikon (non che le Olympus pazziea con nuovo modello, per tacer di Panasonic...e compagnia cantando il salmo Requiescat) dinanzi le travolgenti Valchirie wagneriane alla Apocalypse Now, qui in formato Oppo, altro che "telefonino" con possibilità video&fotografiche d'altri tempi "remoti". Chi vivrà vedrà