Preamble part two

Before getting to final print, a note for remember that the monitor is de facto a ray Red Green Blue beam projector. Vice versa the print, as any printed sheet off-set or digital, is seen by reflection. And in printing, the paper support, base color and whether if glossy or satin (hot pressed) play a fundamental role. That is to say that reflection (human eye) therefore the sensation that is obtained it is indebted to support and ambient light (daylight or led illumination) that changes over the course of day. And here we come to fact connected to it, namely the luminous nature of the monitor made of pixels with their spatial coordinates etc. Vice versa the print is produced by tiny droplets of infintesimal ink (measurement picoliter is a trillionth, one millionth of a millionth, or 10 to the -12th power) ) which "mixes" upon contact with the support. A mess? No of course, but a different way to final target.
Stay tuned because from the next one we enter, as they say, in media res. Media? Opps a petit calembour, perhaps

See bellow link for more info
RGB, CMYK and printing
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