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No Word

“For me, the term “professional photographer” is cringe-worthy. I dislike the idea that just because I am paid to do something it infers that I have talent. I know this is not true. There are many, many talented amateur photographers out there who have a wonderful way of seeing and know how to turn that vision into great photographs. There are also many “professional” photographers whose work is boring, derivative and soulless. My self-esteem does not come from being paid, but from creating work that touches others. While I acknowledge that the term “professional photographer” is a convenient shorthand is still bothers me deeply and always has.
While it takes a lot of guts, discipline and a “bit of crazy” to build a career in photography it does not mean you have the ability to touch another’s souls with your pictures. That magic is rare and comes from somewhere that is independent of a paycheck.
Do me a favor: next time you introduce a “professional photographer,” try saying “talented” instead. It will spread a bit of joy on a photographer’s day, which might just help them create a bit of magic, beauty and love…”

“In verità vi dico: ogni volta che avete fatto queste cose a uno solo di questi più piccoli, l'avete fatto a me” Matteo 25, 40