30-09-2019 14:27

"As for many other things, YouTube is a wonderful trove of opinion and information. This is certainly true for photographic interests. And a huge percentage of photographers are particularly interested in still photography, as opposed to videography.

And herein lies the rub. Many (or perhaps even most) of the YouTube content creators for photographic sites are actually video enthusiasts, though they claim to be still photography oriented. But in most cases they make an effort to appear to be more universal in their interests, knowing that much of their audience is oriented towards still photography.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with their interest in video it is a legitimate aspect of photography today. That said, their views on equipment especially are always colored by their interests. The problem is and this is the important point of this article this bias is not always apparent to their viewers, and it does not represent the interests of many viewers.

A good case in point would be the reviews of the recently introduced Sony a7R IV...

The Problem with Camera Reviews by YouTubers